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We are a locally-owned and operated epoxy flooring systems contractor specializing in the installation of residential, commercial, and industrial epoxy flooring solutions in Chicago IL. After more than 14 years in the business of garage floor and epoxy flooring, we know we have a process that works and delivers flooring that is effective, durable, and that is stress-free. We don’t skimp on any step of the job – all our attention is put into planning, prep, installation, sealing, and maintenance and that shows in our customers’ satisfaction with our work.

We try to reach as many communities in Chicago as possible to be able to provide high-quality custom epoxy flooring, and our list of serviced areas thus keeps going. It includes all the communities of Central Chicago, the North Side (including the Far Northside and the Northwest side), the West Side, and the South Side (including the Southwest, Far Southeast, and Far Southwest sides). For larger commercial projects, we also service areas surrounding Chicago IL.f

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Why Epoxy Coating?

As people who have dedicated over a decade of their lives to installing epoxy flooring systems and sharing its benefits, you can imagine that all of us at Chicago Epoxy Flooring are pretty enthusiastic about the many advantages and features that come with epoxy coatings.
But even speaking objectively, epoxy has tremendous value that we think people of residential, commercial, and industrial properties can all benefit from.
The first is that epoxy has incredible durability. There is no other material that comes close to it in terms of sheer strength and resilience. And with the many kinds of epoxy flooring systems that we offer, you can get floors that are even stronger than regular epoxy paint. Coupled with stain-resistance, low odor, and bacteria-resistance, epoxy floor Chicago coatings are also incredibly easy to clean and can thus cut down costs on professional maintenance.
On top of all that, at Epoxy Chicago, Chicago epoxy floors can be made custom to fit your needs. With all these benefits put together, there is no reason you shouldn’t choose to switch to an epoxy flooring system.
To learn more about epoxy garage floor solutions and to receive a free quote, you can contact our talented team at (773) 825-8618

Epoxy Floor Coatings in Chicago, IL

Residential Flooring System

For people looking to elevate the flooring in their homes, epoxy flooring systems are a suitable solution for homeowners. This is especially appropriate for garage floor and basement floor where epoxy’s stain-resistance, durability, and strength are particularly helpful. They can also be customized for any color choice.

Commercial Flooring System

Epoxy floor coating is a great flooring solution for businesses looking for durable, resilient, and easy to clean floors that won’t cost a fortune. Perfect for retail stores, commercial kitchens, restaurants, cafeterias, and public bathrooms, Epoxy Chicago’s commercial floor installation is a cost-effective business decision.

Industrial Flooring System

Epoxy is most popular in use for industrial flooring, where its high durability and bacteria-, chemical-, and stain-resistance is especially useful. Various techniques exist to make regular epoxy even stronger, and Epoxy Chicago specializes in delivering high-build floors to industrial properties, including warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants.

If you’re interested in learning more about epoxy floor coating, call us today at (773) 825- 8618  to talk to our team about the right solution for your flooring needs.

Featured Services

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Perhaps the most traditional form of epoxy flooring is the use of an epoxy floor coat or what is known as epoxy paint. While not strictly a paint, it gets its name from the method used to apply it, where the epoxy is painted on in multiple thin layers. This kind of coating works in any room but is typically a medium-build flooring that is perhaps better suitable for medium-traffic rooms and garage floor. Epoxy paints can be bought in a pre-mixed color, or we can custom-mix the epoxy to get a tone you want.

Epoxy Chip Floor

Combining the power of epoxy, vinyl, and polyaspartic, an epoxy chip floor is a medium-to-high build flooring solution that works wonders for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Vinyl chips can be broadcast with up to 100% coverage and are available in a wide range of color schemes to give a multi-dimensional look to the flooring. They can also be custom made to suit a color scheme you or your business may have in mind.

Epoxy Quartz Broadcast

Similar to chip flake floor, an epoxy quartz broadcast floor uses three layers – epoxy, quartz aggregate, and polyaspartic coatings. The quartz aggregate lends more durability to the epoxy that makes it impact-resistant and the polyaspartic coating binds the two together with an incredibly strong layer that is also UV stable. Quartz aggregates are available in a number of colorways, including OSHA yellow that is used to delineate safety zones in industrial spaces.

Epoxy Slurry Floors

For older concrete floor that have deteriorated and that have cosmetic imperfections, an epoxy slurry is our recommended solution. It is a mixture of epoxy coating and an aggregate like sand, finely-grained silica, or slurry powder. The mixture of the two components makes a dense and thick blend that can be troweled on to create a thick layer that acts as a resurfacer. Included in this service is the patching of cracks on the old floor to ensure a smooth application and finish.

Epoxy Mortar Floors

For industrial floors that won’t fail you and crack or break, epoxy mortar floors are installed in 5 layers, with a thick layer of a mortar mix in the middle to ensure the highest level of strength for your floors. It is our most high-duty and high-build flooring solution that is impact-resistant, chemical-resistant, and long-lasting. Manufacturing plants where there is heavy traffic and heavy machinery particularly love this flooring, but they can also be used for other industrial spaces.

Beyond flooring solutions that involve the installation of new epoxy floors Chicago, we also have other services for your flooring, including:

Epoxy Patching Compounds/Repair

Not only does epoxy serve as great flooring, but it can also be utilized as a patching compound for cracks and pits in the surface of older floors. The patching compound is poured into the cracks and pits until the point of rejection where it spills over the sides. When the epoxy dries, it can then be ground to a smooth finish to match the rest of the flooring.

Epoxy Coating Removal

There are a number of reasons someone may choose to remove their epoxy flooring. Whatever the reason may be, removing epoxy is infamously a difficult thing to do. But with advanced techniques from Epoxy Chicago, it is something that can be efficiently done that completely strips epoxy from the surface of a floor. This leaves behind a fresh concrete surface where epoxy can be reapplied.

To receive a free quote for any of our services or to book a consultation with our team, call (773) 825- 8618  today or fill out our quick online form below for us to get back to you immediately.

Why Choose Us

As a locally-grown company, we are committed to only delivering the quality Chicago deserves – the absolute best. That means making sure the three components of our service are unmatched in quality: our crew, our equipment, and our materials.
We don’t keep things complicated. Our team is professional, trained, licensed, and experienced. That means they have the skill and work ethic it takes to complete complex epoxy jobs and can help bring your flooring dreams into reality. We pride ourselves on clean efficient jobs that leave floors looking brand-new and clean.
We don’t skimp on equipment. We know that you can have the best materials in the world but fail at completing a good job if your equipment is not up to the job. That’s why we only use the best – innovative grinders and diamond-edged tools that can create smoother and better finishes.
We won’t compromise the quality of a job. That’s why we only use the best materials and epoxy coatings on the market. Be wary of contractors who offer incredibly cheap epoxy flooring as cheap epoxy will eventually start to peel, yellow, and cost a fortune to remove.
Call us today at (773) 825-8618 to receive a free quote and discuss your flooring dreams with someone from our team.

If you have any other questions about epoxy floor coating, feel free to reach out to us at (773) 825-8618.

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy is a two-part mixture that comes from resin and a hardener. Combined, it creates a new material that is incredibly durable and strong. Epoxy comes in many forms but the kind of epoxy used as flooring is specially designed to withstand traffic, impact, and stains.
We don’t recommend installing epoxy floors on your own, though there are many online sources that suggest it can be done. This is because epoxy is a fickle and sometimes complex material to install. If the prep work done on the floors is not sufficient or if there is any kind of moisture trapped in the flooring, the epoxy will not bind. Professionals can go around this by using the appropriate tests and using tools that prep the surface. Beyond that, layers need to be appropriately cured before another can be applied. And if the epoxy is not applied properly, it can be incredibly costly to remove and replace the flooring.
The length of duration for a project depends on the kind of epoxy flooring system, the area size, any customizations, and the state of the original floor. To understand how long a particular project will take to be completed, you can talk to your contractor about timelines so you get an accurate finish date for a project.
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