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Epoxy Flooring Chicago IL brings you epoxy chip floor coating! 


What used to be a plain, dull and grey concrete floor now comes in colorful patterns. 


Through combining the regular epoxy coating systems with paint additives, any garage epoxy floors transform


Epoxy makes concrete floors durable, polished, and aesthetically pleasing. 


The chip variant of the epoxy flooring also serves as a decorative concrete solution.


 And this is why epoxy products and services are the most preferred flooring solutions among commercial properties, small retail stores, and other heavy traffic industrial facilities.


Get the most of today’s decorative garage floor epoxy in your workspaces, too.

Do you need up-to-the-minute epoxy floor products and services? Epoxy Chicago IL will help you achieve your dream floor design. Call @(773) 825-8618 today!

chip epoxy

Introducing Chip Epoxy, Garage Floors Chicago IL

Chip epoxy floor coating offers colorful choices and patterns, allowing you to decor the plain and heavy used floors to look attractive at every turn. 


If you got garage floor epoxy, you might want to give it an upgrade. 


You can uplift a garage floor by adding layers of decorative elements, like metallic epoxy and epoxy chip floor coating.


Or, if you want to remodel the basement and repair concrete floor damages, you can use epoxy flooring systems to provide an all-in-one solution. 


The chip flake variant is the best epoxy system you have yet to see. 


Chicago Epoxy gives you quality flooring solutions. We work with experts who have the skills and knowledge that are attested through their years of successful projects. It also means years of working with loyal clients who keep coming back for their services.


It is our pride that our team of professional contractors has got over 40 years of experience in the industry, cementing their reliability and credibility as the premier epoxy flooring company in all Chicago IL. 


All these accounts to nothing but a great job delivered! Superior service and seamless floors at every turn!

Garage Flooring Coating: Chemical Resistant

Now you can have high-performing, super resistant seamless garage floor epoxy. 


So, introducing garage floor epoxy chip, what used to be a greasy and chaotic concrete floor, will transform into an attractive and easy to maintain garage floor.


Busy spaces and floors which are always in action often result in disaster. Due to heavy use and traffic, stains keep on wrapping up the flooring surfaces. Such scenarios are often found among industrial spaces, garages, and commercial or retail spaces.


Are you looking for the most durable garage floor coating in Chicago IL?


Do you need absolute protection in your workspaces and present cracks, dents, abrasions when the action gets going?


Protect the floors with seamless epoxy garage floor coating.


Invest in an epoxy coating to make your Chicago garage floor low maintenance, chemical resistant, and polished all the time. 


Also, reap the benefits of a flooring system that provides you UV stable surfaces so you can upgrade your outdoor floorings with seamless garage floor coating. Use epoxy coating to maintain clean, bacteria-free flooring.


Chip epoxy does not only suit that garage area. This innovative flooring system is also best used among health facilities, food manufacturing labs, and hospitals. Comply with your local authorities’ health and sanitary protocols when you resurface the concrete floors with epoxy chip floor coating.

Advantages of Using Epoxy Chip Garage Floor Coating

  • Multi-Colored Chip Epoxy Coating
  • Seamless, Polished Epoxy Flooring
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Economic and Sanitary Flooring System
  • Durable and Attractive Concrete Surface
  •  All 100% Solid Materials
  • No VOCs Means to Low VOC emission

Managing the floors is already a daunting job. 


What more when you want to create seamless, polished, and stylish flooring systems?


Chip epoxy flooring offers multitudes of color combinations to match with any flooring color motif and design. 


Check out Chicago epoxy floor coatings and find color shades and palettes that you want.

Areas You can Install Chip Epoxy Flooring

High Traffic Industrial Areas

Commercial Properties and Small Retail Spaces

Residential Areas

Industrial grade floorings find chip epoxy floor coatings best for heavy traffic areas and chemical resistant floors. 


  • Food Plants
  • Hospitals
  • Health care facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Food Labs and Production Plants
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Mortuaries
  • Classrooms and Learning Institutions
  • Material Manufacturing and Processing Plants

Do you find these areas among your commercial or industrial properties?


Install chip epoxy flooring among industrial-grade facilities for easy maintenance and seamless colorful flooring surface.  

Epoxy chip floor coating will provide attractive and tough stains on floors. 


  • Aisle, corridors, and hallways
  • Kitchens
  • Baking facilities
  • Meat processing areas
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Operating Rooms
  • X-ray labs
  • Sport facilities
  • Machine shops
  • Marine products and supplies retail spaces

The chip epoxy floor coating and garage floor epoxy provide a suitable concrete surface that offers safety for your families.


Resurface your epoxy floor or indoor and outdoor floors with chip epoxy floor coatings if you got these following areas at home.


  • Garage floor
  • Basement floors
  • Kitchens
  • Entrances
  • Aisles and small corridors
  • Apartment floors
  • Bathrooms and locker rooms

Chicago Epoxy Flooring got all your flooring woes the perfect solution. Transform your epoxy garage floor, commercial retail concrete floor, and other epoxy concrete in heavy foot traffic areas. Contact us today @(773) 825-8618 for Chicago epoxy flooring installation queries and estimates!

Various Colors and Seamless Designs for You

Seamless chip epoxy coatings come in multiple color palettes, texture preferences, and design combinations to let you achieve the flooring styles and design you like.


You can choose and combine the basic and standard colors, dual combinations, and specialized patterns. You can also choose between various degrees of texture by selecting the chip patterns from a light to a heavy broadcast pattern.


Browse below for you to create and see if you can mix and match the design you got in mind.


Chip epoxy can be fine-textured or coarse-textured. Choose what texture you like your chip epoxy coatings to come out according to the degree of broadcasting of the paint chip additives on the epoxy coating surface.

Seamless Chip Epoxy Texture Options
  • Light Sprinkle
  • Med. Broadcast
  • Heavy Broadcast
  • Full Broadcast

It is best to talk to a local epoxy flooring contractor to get your desired result. Find one near you! Epoxy Floors Chicago, your one-stop service provider for all your flooring needs. Call us today! 

Chip Sizes

Standard Paint Chips Size- ¼ inches. 


Using the standard paint chips size, you will see a more pronounced chipped pattern. 


Use dual monotone combinations for a sophisticated color theme. Or you can also go with bold and contrasting colors to make the chipped patterns more distinct.

Micro Paint Chips Size – 1/16 inches. 


You will achieve a finer chipped design with the microchips that looks like a splatter of paints over an epoxy coating. 


The micro chip’s size will look best with metallic flakes for a glittering effect. To achieve a fine and delicate chip epoxy design, make use of a full broadcast.

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