Epoxy Floor Coating Chicago: Commercial, Industrial, Residential

Durable and Long-lasting Epoxy Floor

Your local-based contractor, Epoxy Floors Chicago, brings you durable and long-lasting concrete floorings. Our company is committed to only bringing you the absolute best throughout Chicago and nearby areas. 


Chicago is known for its eclectic cityscapes outlined by the marriage of modern and traditional architecture. To translate true-blue Chicago residences and lifestyle is the leading team of contractors and designers for flooring systems. We specialized in epoxy installations for both residential and commercial floorings. Our team of contractors is trained with years of experience creating seamless and polished floors. 


Anywhere you go, concrete floors are to be found. All safety and sound living begins at this very foundation of any property. That is why it is essential to provide a protective coating for the floors. 


What is Epoxy?  Epoxy is a resinous material. Its main component s resin plus a hardener. Both come in equal-parts. Epoxy, thus, is a pure, 100% solid coating material. It is where its concrete toughness comes from. 


Resin is a solid soluble material. When mixed with a polymer hardener, the mixture quickly becomes a solid material when touching a concrete material.

epoxy flake flooring

Epoxy Floorings and Coat

Epoxy Clear Coat


Commonkitchen epoxy coating among commercial and industrial floorings are clear epoxy coatings. It is the standard concrete coating for massive and functional spaces. A quick and straightforward solution that produces long-lasting results. Sturdy and resistant floorings for a lifetime. It is a suitable material to install, even during business hours. It is safe for the workers too. 


The clear epoxy is low n harmful chemical emissions that make it friendly and healthy for the users. It also gives superior resistance – stain, chemical, heat, and UV rays- are not much for epoxy-based clear coating.


Metallic Epoxy


The epoxy coating is mixed with metallic chips and flake additives, or glittery powdered pigments. When added to the epoxy coating, the result is a glimmering or lustrous sheen on top.


With a metallic coating, you can choose to mix your colors with mono-tone shades or a dual-tone.


3D Epoxy


If you want to achieve more design possibilities and customize your flooring systems, 3D printing of images is the solution. With 3D epoxy printing, realistic patterns to give life on the floor is possible. You can use this as your final design coat.


Flake Epoxy


A suitable match among commercial floors is a flaked patten. The chipped and flaked paint additives are broadcasted on the epoxy top coating whale application. The paint chips create a distinct texture that apples visually. It adapts among retail spaces for its distinctive design that pop-up the floors.


Terrazo Epoxy


Terrazzo is a more innovative type of flooring. It incorporates using other materials usually used for concrete floorings. The terrazzo consists of aggregates, quartz, lime shards, and glass particles. 


This is perfect for a Chicago artist inspired property. The floors translate an exquisite taste for art and design. The terrazzo is unique that also exudes colorful surfaces and a delicate texture on the concrete surface.


Epoxy is the most suitable system indoors. Terrazzo floors can withstand the outdoor environment. This is perfect for pool decks or accent for outdoor counterlike the patio, walkways, or frontways. 

Why choose Epoxy Coating

Now that you have understood the fundamental component and types of epoxy floor coating, here are the benefits for you to consider choosing epoxy coating. 


  • Withstand high-foot traffic
  • Repels satins 
  • Waterproof
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Strengthens flooring surfaces
  • Increase safety with slip-resistance
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Has low VOC emission
  • Safe to use while processing installation
  • Fumes low chemical odor
  • Offers dozens of colors and color combinations
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Seamless, polished decorative floors

Interested in having functional and fabulous floors in Chicago and nearby cities? Invite our team and get a free quote for your flooring solutions. We, at Epoxy Floor services in Chicago we will be right there at your steps.


Process and Installation

The Process


STEP1: Preparing the concrete slab


Preparation is key to making sure that the floors are even free from bulking surfaces. This step is vital for making sure the new coating will correctly attach to the existing concrete slab.


STEP2: Applying a base coat or primer


This step is also called bonding. The primer serves as an s abandoning agent. The bonding materials will make the coating stick to the concrete effectively. 


The primer creates an even surface and gives it a texture ideal for coating. 


STEP3: Mixing the epoxy coating solution


While mixing, you can choose to enhance the design or style. Here, you can plan what your design coat will be. You have an option between flaked chips, metallic additives, quartz or aggregate finish, or a 3D image. The different processes will involve depending on the design coat you choose. 


STEP4: Applying the coat


A coating process handled by the expert ensures seamless and flawless results. When appropriately done using appropriate tools, the coating adheres to the slabs perfectly.


Installation Areas

Epoxy flooring is suitable among residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Anywhere there is concrete flooring, epoxy will transform its form and function. 


Epoxy is ideal for various types of surfaces.


  • Garage floor
  • Retail stores
  • Kitchen area
  • Restaurants
  • Living areas
  • Lobbies
  • Hotels
  • Basements
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Automotive Service Areas
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Recreational rooms
  • Gymnasium
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