Epoxy Talk 101: Flake Flooring Ideas

      If you have no idea what epoxy flake flooring is, then chances are you have been living under a rock for some time. Not only is it one of the most functional flooring choices today, but it is also one of the most popular among homeowners and business runners. And you are in luck, as we are about to discuss all flake floors, contacting flooring companies like Epoxy Flake Flooring Chicago, answer some related questions, and so much more in today’s article.

What Exactly Is An Epoxy Flake Floor?

flake epoxy floor in garage

  Epoxy flakes are also known as vinyl color chips. And an epoxy flake floor is a cheap, versatile, and colorful flooring method that you can easily apply. It is immensely stable and comes in a variety of designs and colors, which is why it is ideal for most industrial, commercial, and residential settings.


         Epoxy flake floors are long-lasting, made up of polymer paint aggregates, and they are also relatively easy to install. There is no need to tear down an already existing concrete floor. You can apply the flake floor coat over it, wait for it to dry, finish it off with a shine, and there you have it.

The Many Flake Flooring Ideas You Can Try

It can take some time to cover all of the dozens and dozens of epoxy flake flooring designs and ideas, so we have narrowed down a list of some of the basic and the best ones that you can give a shot.


  • Seaweed – This design comes with green and ebony chips that can make a kitchen have a seaside look.
  • Domino – The domino idea is one of the standard designs you can find in most homes and offices.
  • Sandstone – This is a pattern that combines white, gray, and brown vinyl chips.
  • Gravel – An idea that lets you play around with gray, white, and black chips that can add appeal to a garage or office floor.
  • Metallic Blend – This one is a unique mix of chips that has a minimalist result.
  • Slate – Epoxy flake flooring ideas let you mimic many textures, and the slate is not an exception. This design is best for pools and patios.
  • Necessary Color Chips – You have an almost infinite array of color combinations that you can get creative with, from simple and main colors to unique ones that only you can think about.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Such Flooring?

  • Epoxy flake floorings do not require tremendous effort when it comes down to maintenance. 
  • You have the liberty to choose a design on your own that will connect well with your property’s style or theme.
  • One of the unique benefits of flakes is they can hide the many imperfections on a concrete surface.
  • These floorings last long – up to years if you take care of them in a proper manner.

Can I Ask For Expert Help When Installing?

Of course, you can. All you have to do is get in touch with a local epoxy flooring company, and they will do their best to serve and work for you. You may have to pay a little extra, depending on the scale of your surfacing project, the materials they will use, and the labor fee. 

They will get down to business and work on your floor, give you a detailed account of the progress while you take it easy, and have time to focus on other matters.

The Takeaway

So now that you have an idea about epoxy flake flooring, why not give it a shot? You can learn more about it by checking out websites, blogs, articles, videos, books, and other forms of media. Who knows what you will discover that will help you out in your flake flooring journey.

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