Epoxy Flake Flooring Chicago

 Are you tired of your old and boring flooring? Do you want to make some changes and give your surfaces a second wind? We can help you! Here at Epoxy Flake Flooring Chicago, we value ourselves as the best flake flooring enterprise in the state. With our quality service, top-notch products, and efficient and dedicated work crew who will ensure that you get your money’s worth and the result that meets your standards and needs.

What Is Epoxy Flake Flooring?

Epoxy flake flooring is one of the popular choices when it comes to solutions for concrete floors. It is a durable material that comes in unlimited colors, easy to install, and is resistant to a plethora of chemicals and even UV.


         Not only does it provide appeal to a location, but it also functions as a safe walkway, non-slippery, and one that will last for a long time.

         You do not have to worry about managing and maintaining epoxy flake flooring as it does not take a lot of effort to do so. During times that you have to clean a mess, all you need is a sponge, a mop, and a stain remover. This aspect makes this kind of flooring an ideal choice in many residential and commercial establishments.


Recommended Classic Base Coat-Flake Combinations

epoxy flake flooringBasecoat flakes are decorative vinyl chips that come in many combinations of colors and designs. They are paint aggregates that find their use in flooring systems to create a seamless and resin-quality aesthetic appearance.


         And if you are aiming for the classic flake coat blend, we have made a list to lessen your researching and window shopping woes. These combinations are readily available, and all it takes is for you to go ahead and pick one.


  • Santana – A combination of browns and blacks.
  • Jade – A combination of dark green flakes and silvers.
  • Terrazzo – Auburns, grays, and reds make up this magnificent flooring.
  • Domino – This pick consists of black and white flakes – the classic flake flooring combo you can find anywhere.
  • Slate Stone – This combination is ideal for pools and garages. 
  • Sandstone – A great flooring style that makes up of brown and white flakes that create a warm wooden look.
  • Smoke – Another classic combination that you can find in most kitchen settings. It comes in black, white, and gray chips.
  • Ash – If you want a minimalist design, then go for this one. True to its name, it comprises of white and gray hue flakes.
  • Buckeye – This is a flake blend of red, black, and white aggregates that is best suited for restaurants and diner-style settings.

         We also have different styles that you can browse beside the standard and classic combinations. We have a signature collection, glitter collection, metallic finishes, accents, and solid colors.

Flake Colors You Can Choose From

kitchen epoxy flake flooringIf combinations are not your cup of tea, you can select from our catalog of flake colors instead. Some of our top-rated and popular flake colors are on the list below.


  • Redwood
  • Fawn
  • Autumn Brown
  • Black
  • Brick maroon
  • Amethyst
  • Charcoal
  • Crest Green
  • Navy blue
  • Mustard
  • Salmon
  • Rose
  • Cream
  • Sage
  • Teal
  • Cherry
  • Honeysuckle
  • Purple

Advantages Of Having Epoxy Flake Flooring

  • Your interior locations will become brighter. 
  • Flake floorings are long-lasting, meaning they can last for decades on end and can withstand abrasions and a lot of heavy use and traffic.
  • Flake flooring can hide many imperfections on most concrete surfaces by giving your eyes so much to look at.
  • You can specify a design or tint that will match your property’s theme or motif. The possibilities are endless, and we can even stay by your side as you navigate your way in finding the best fit for you. 
  • Getting rid of chemical and other stains won’t be an issue.

Why Flake Flooring Chicago?

We are the best flake flooring company that you can find in all of Chicago. Our company is state-licensed, insured, and have passed bond requirements. We update our equipment and products frequently to keep up with the demands and trends. We will give you a free quote and take your budget into consideration. Our flooring systems and items are cost-friendly, efficient, and are of high value – so do not panic about busting your wallet if you visit our store and purchase our goods.

Our staff can accommodate your questions and inquiries with a smile and utmost courtesy. We train them daily and ensure that they uphold our vision of making customers happy and satisfied.

Us Doing Your Project? Not A Problem

Here at Epoxy flake flooring Chicago, we do not only advertise and sell products. We are also capable of doing the work on your flooring job for you while you attend to other matters that require your time and effort. 

We will make an estimate, and plan out your flooring undertaking, prepare the materials and equipment that our experts will use. And once we get into the business, we will update you regularly with a tangible document that describes the task’s progress and the costs that you have to cover. If you do not want files and paper piling up on your table every day, we can send you a detailed email report. 

You can count on us to transform your flooring from a mundane surface into a work of art in a short span of time. We will protect and treat your walls and other home spaces with the utmost care as if they are our own homes.

So Get In Touch With Us Now

A flake flooring will boost your morale, make your location feel and look way better than before, and guarantee your safety. There is no need to contact another contracting company once we handle your floors and surfaces – our services are the best there is out there. So what are you waiting for right now? Don’t think twice and give us a call or two, or send us an email so we can get started in working out your dream epoxy flak flooring and turn it into a reality. Our lines are always open, and we will get back to you in no time at all. You can count on us.

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