4 Tips How to Decorate your Interior with Metallic Epoxy Floor

Creating the patterns for metallic epoxy floors Chicago is fun using the right tools. With the proper technique on the floor, it can match the interior design you have. A light shattering mirrors or sparking inspiration with canvass hanged on the wall; metallic floors go together with different interior motifs.

Metallic floors can feel monotonous for you as time goes by. But you hesitate to change the floors because of the superior quality epoxy flooring provides your spaces.


Don’t waste your resources. As you stick with your metallic floors, there are ways for you to sharpen your creativity. Revamp your interiors with these exciting ideas to decorate with metallic flooring.

Metallic Techniques

patterned-metallic-epoxy-flooring floorThere are more designs that metallic epoxy can do. Often, what you always hear and see are glimmering, morphing patterns. From something posh and lustrous to something exotic and unique, you can play with epoxy and different pigments to get your desired design. 


1- Pearly Shells Skinned – Using a leaf blower


As the epoxy pigments set and disperse, make use of a leaf blower to exert pressure on the drying resin. Use more than two combinations of colors. The surface will have a distinct reef-like or scaly texture. It is achieved with clothing and dabbing the blower on the epoxy. 


2- Transcending waves and Sky Effect – with Solvent solution


If you want a cloud formation or ocean waves effect on the floor, you can wash the curing epoxy with a solvent solution. The water crashing on the surface will appear. Use the teal and white color combination. The key here is to choose the right tone of pigments. Then a good technique of splashing the solvent on the resin-coated flooring.


3- Back-rolling With Squeegee


Using the paint roller and squeegee, a one-stroke rolling can add style to the gleaming floor. Use split colors that produce a nice contrast. With these techniques, you can also replicate a coffee-stained theme floor.

4- Dripped and Rolled Duo


Dripping one color of epoxy o top of a contrasting base color makes a unique design. Here you are very free to control the outcome of the design. 

If you opt for two colors and do not like the morphing style or the blending, flowing colors, try dripping it. You can also use a blowtorch or blower to create space around the dripped paint. 

Use your creativity when using metallic epoxy. Don’t be afraid of trying the tools mentioned above and the techniques that go with them. There are no right or wrong designs here. After that, you can also freely decorate your interior with other materials that will highlight your beautiful floors.
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