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shiny-metallic-epoxy-flooringThe neoclassical skyscrapers and architectures Chicago is known for merges American and European traditions. To collaborate in bringing the high-end scene are top contractors in the city. They specialize in Metallic Epoxy Floors in Chicago. Residential and commercial areas relieve the exquisitely rendered flooring solutions in their properties.

Metallic epoxy is an advanced flooring system that instantly improves spaces. It also serves as concrete sealers for areas that have been damaged. The epoxy flooring is a popular choice among commercial and industrial spaces. This system of concrete resurfacing and refinishing enhances the quality of slabs.

Our company works with experts providing superior flooring throughout Chicago! Old or new concrete, they will transform. Epoxy mixed with flakes and paint chips brings this excellent flooring into the next level. It exhibits a lustrous effect. The opalescent floors do not only look attractive. They also give strength to the surface!

Want to add more value to your properties? Or, increase the audience that your commercial space attracts? Call us today. Let us start planning your dream flooring!

Our Services

Epoxy Patching: Repairing Damaged Concrete

Epoxy flooring fixes old concrete flaws, Cracks, holes, or pits on the surface that need a cover-up. Refine those concrete, old, or new. Double the strength of the floor with quality resinous coatings.


The damaged floor is patched with compounds that reach within the gaps through the cracks. It results in a new-looking and durable cement. Patching helps fix small but deeply worn-out spots on the floors.

Coating Removal: Metallic Resurfacing or Concrete Refinishing

As experts, no job is too small or big a deal for us. Professionals are skilled installers. Suppose the floor needs a more complicated job like removing or altering the flooring system, call the expert. We got your back. 


Coating removal involves eliminating previously applied epoxy on your floors. Yes! That is possible. We will talk about more of this process, as you call today.


Accurately assessing the floor coatings for removal is an expert’s job. We have to make sure the layer will correctly rip off without compromising your concrete. 


You can do this when you need resurfacing or remodeling for your concrete surfaces. Or only if you need to reapply epoxy with metal-like flares!


Your floor also calls for removal when your previous coating was poorly employed. Our team has been in the industry for years. And we have loyal clients that can attest to the seamless, polished results we give. We prompt you to see it for yourself!

Metallic Epoxy Flooring: Features and Benefits

patterned-metallic-epoxy-flooring floorGet to know more about metallic epoxy flooring methods. To convince you of its superior quality, let us share the opalescent epoxy floor’s significant features and benefits


100% Pure Solid

Metallic epoxy, also called “marble liquid” floors, is a one-hundred percent solid-based material. Unlike other floor coatings that are liquid-based, the epoxy mix plus the metallic chips are solids. That is why they create stronger, more resistant surfaces.


Custom Designs

3D-metallic flooring applications customize the styles. This is the flooring you need if you like to achieve unique designs.



Water damage causes more long term problems to floors. The marble liquid appearance of the floor is, in fact, a highly-water-resistant surface. Waterproof coating adds density to the floor. When water exists on the surface, it prevents absorption. Thus, it will not weaken the substrate.


Stain Resistant

These flooring types resist industrial stains. Even the toughest to remove grease, grime, and spoiled chemical spills, are no match for the super smooth, seamless metallic coating.


Fire Resistant

Garages and basements are areas prone to being exposed to heat. Tire marks are heat generated damage on the floor. This highly-advanced coating is the most preferred finishing for automotive spaces.

Epoxy Coating Metallic Floors Installation

Installation: Residential, Commercial, & Industrial


Industrial spaces usually prefer metallic epoxy. It is the solution that provides absolute protection to the surface. It gives the area maximum performance.

Commercial spaces then get increasing benefits with epoxy flooring services. It is a cost-efficient solution. Installing or refinishing in business areas provides zero interruption. It’s no hassle; business as usual. Even in small retail spaces, an accent of glossy, lustrous colors can instantly invite more audience.


For residential properties, metallic flooring provides creative and quick solutions. It no doubt improves their garage floor epoxy, basement, and others. Metallic coatings on the floor look good on spaces where heavy foot-traffic occurs. These types bolster the kitchens, even living rooms. It provides a distinct look in a home that loves experimental, adaptive designs. 


Here, we suggest turning these spaces into your functional areas. If you like to find out more about where the epoxy will fit best, consider areas such as:


  • Retail and Commercial Spaces
  • Gymnasiums
  • Cafeterias, Kitchens, and Restaurants
  • Offices and Company Building
  • Healthcare Facilities


Metallic epoxy is a blended material which makes it more expensive than plain epoxy. 

$7 – $15 per square foot is the price range. 

30 years with proper care and maintenance. 

$4 – $9 per square foot. 

Give us a call today at (773) 825 8618. Find why epoxy products and services are the best for your flooring needs!

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