Why is Epoxy Flooring in High Demand?

Epoxy flooring has seen unprecedented growth in both industrial and commercial industries recently. Ever since its influx, residential epoxy flooring has also seen a hike in demand from homeowners. This sudden rise can be attributed to the high quality of epoxy, which is considered a very durable material, that can mock up floor designs. 

Epoxy flooring, in general, offers more advantages compared to traditional concrete floor coatings.

  • Creates a high-gloss, shiny surface that significantly improves the brightness of your home or office interiors. 
  • Gives a hard-wearing durable surface that can withstand continuous, heavy traffic.
  • Resists water and oil stains 
  • Offers enhanced safety to your concrete surfaces with its anti-slip additives.
  • Protects existing concrete floors from wear and tear.
  • Is compatible with products that can be applied on both old or new concrete, depending on the product
  • Is easy and quick to install, requires no cutting of additional adhesives, layout, or special tools and equipment
  • Can be applied in various patterns to create visible driveways as well as help in identifying walkable areas. 
  • Requires minimal maintenance 

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy garage flooring has also taken over the garage flooring market due primarily to polymer structures. They make your surfaces last longer than ordinary paint and other flooring types. Aside from durability, epoxy floor coating also makes any garage more attractive. It instantly converts your garage into a multi-functional space that can be used for both residential or commercial purposes.

Further, epoxy flooring dramatically improves visibility in your interior spaces due to its ability to reflect light. Finally, epoxy garage flooring is resistant to oil, fluids, and grease, among others, which is welcome news to any garage owner given the prevalence of these substances at any given day. In addition, epoxy floors are also resistant to salts, moisture, dirt, and chemicals, making it resilient enough to adapt to any living condition. 

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring has been one of the more popular flooring choices because it makes your concrete flooring appear hi-tech and exotic looking. Its metallic coatings are similar to traditional resinous systems made to resemble marble floors. Since they are cost-effective and known to be tough enough to handle vehicular traffic, metallic epoxy flooring allows homeowners to pull off striking designs with the plethora of choices that are available for your flooring system. Best of all, metallic floors are known to be one of the most durable systems in the market since they’re made up of 100 percent solids.

Whether you are utilizing epoxy for use in your garage floor or other traditional purposes, you are assured that you will have the place fixed in the best way. You’ll be doing so with less effort and more savings, given your choice of a durable and long-lasting type of flooring. 

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