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Does your garage flooring in need of a makeover? Chicago Garage Floor Epoxy install long-lasting and durable epoxy flooring for a more efficient garage area. Are you looking for a professional epoxy contractor in Chicago? No need to look further, we have a team of certified epoxy contractors who are skilled and experienced in epoxy flooring installation giving you high-quality results you desire. Our epoxy flooring services come with various designs, texture, and color choices that would compliment the existing design of your residential or commercial spaces.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy garage floors are made of resins and hardeners, this type of material provides a new and durable surface that’s easy to clean and maintain. Epoxy coating is way different from epoxy paint. The material has a bit of epoxy to makes the paint durable. On the other hand, epoxy coatings used on garage floor coating of Chicago is composed of 100% epoxy, which is a suitable material for an old and damaged concrete slab.

Epoxy Floors Design Options

Once an epoxy cures, it is like a hard plastic that’s resistant to impact or any type of damages. It is also the number one choice of homeowners due to its affordability, durability, longevity and aesthetics. Chicago garage floor epoxy only uses a quality epoxy coating to ensure that will not wear off, becomes patchy or turn yellow. All these can happen if the epoxy coating is not mixed, installed properly or have used cheaper type of epoxy.


Epoxy holds impacts and pressure well, any type of vehicle is suitable for this type of flooring system. Designs can also be customized based on your preference. Some of the most popular epoxy flooring design to choose from include:

flake epoxy floor in garage


If you want your garage area to be more than just a place to park your car or for storage, flakes epoxy design could be the best option for you. This types of garage flooring design are installed in three components. Epoxy coating is applied to the base for the durability of the material. Flakes will then be applied while the epoxy coating on the base is still wet, this is to add strength to the floor coating. After the first and 2nd component is applied, a polyaspartic coating will be used for the final coat.


Terrazzo has been a popular flooring design since the 1500s, but it uses a different material back then. These days, an epoxy coating is combined with terrazzo chips making this type of design more durable. Different coloured chips are combined together to create a unique epoxy flooring finish. You can choose your preferred color for a customized look.


For a garage flooring the offers a sophisticated look, metallic design can be a great choice. This type of design provides a multi-dimensional look due to its glitter chips. Before the installation, a glitter aggregate is mixed with epoxy floor coating. A colorant can also be added to enhance the design. Once it’s properly mixed, the material will be applied on the surface and will be distributed evenly.


Quartz can be another decorative option for your garage floor. The epoxy coating can be combined with a single tone or multicoloured quartz grains for your desired garage flooring design finish. To make the area safe and slip-resistant sealant will also be applied.

Why Choose Epoxy Floors

  • Impressive durability
    There is no other material in the market like epoxy. The material does not crack, pit or easily sustain dents. It makes this type of flooring system dependable for a garage area where the flooring is exposed to impacts and heavy pressure.
  • Long-lasting
    Due to the impressive strength and resilience of epoxy floors, it will take several years for replacement or repair. It is not only long-lasting, but its aesthetic appearance is also timeless.
  • Requires Minimal Maintenance
    Epoxy floor provides a seamless finish making it easy to clean and maintain compared to other types of flooring system that requires intensive cleaning to keep the area beautiful. This is the reason why most home and business owners love epoxy flooring because they can do other important matters. The surface just needs weekly sweeping and mopping to maintain its aesthetics. No need to worry about stains because epoxy floors are stain-resistant, any type of spills can be wiped off immediately.

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Garage Floor Epoxy is a professional decorative flooring contractor that offers high-quality epoxy flooring solutions for home and business spaces in Chicago. We are confident with each epoxy flooring project we had in the past, which can be seen in our portfolio. Our garage epoxy project is a reflection of our attention to every detail and high-quality results.


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