How to Mural on The Floors: 3D Epoxy Floors by Famous Artworks

The word 3D reminds you of superhero movies, computer games, and action theatres. But for creative home and business space owners, it is the floors that they turn attention to. For you do to get into action, a 3D epoxy flooring Orlando is what you need to soon pop out from your floors.

This list gives you artworks that share ideas to design concrete steps for a creative home or business space.


3d street art floor
checkered flooring

1. 3D Street Art


In times where you are just stuck at home, don’t you just miss going out the streets? Famous street art creators like David Zinn and Kurt Wenner play with chalk on the outdoor concrete. Their works are now for the eyes only. 

Thanks to social media. Since the locked down seasons, people who see such masterpieces grew in numbers. Take these pavement artworks as your inspiration to design your floors. The city streets are their canvas. For you, the floors. 

From the pavements, animated figures suddenly emerge. Zinn uses existing objects like manhole covers and drawing a hand or a character that seems to come out of it. Wenner is a real winner when it comes to realistic scenes emerging from the street. It looks like another world suddenly pops out from the space beneath the people’s feet. 

Instead of using chalks and paints, use epoxy for creating these artistic images permanent in your properties.

2. Fluid Painting Inspired Floors


Resin art surfaces everywhere nowadays. This method of painting using epoxy is also called a fluid painting. Counter tabletops or regular wooden tables transform into magnificent dreamy surfaces. 

The technique uses vibrant, neon colors. If you want o to create pop-art-inspired objects at your homes that captivates the eyes try this. Aside from the tables, the concrete floors are also excellent spaces to capture the swirling, morphing pigments of high contrasts.

3. Optical Illusions


Like the animated and surrealistic images drawn on the sidewalks, dimensional patterns that seem to move on the surface are also possible through epoxy flooring. Parallel lines, black and white square that look like emerging from the floors will blow your minds. 

Optical illusion floors are popular amo0ng entertainment spaces. Malls with long massive hallways or museums for contemporary art attracts their audience by designing the floors with these patterns.

4. Vortex or Portals Going Under


Don’t you wish sometimes you are like one of those X-men characters that pass through concrete surfaces? Get a bit of this feeling when designing your small spaces at home or small retail stores with vortex or portal opening on the floors. 

It is nice to play with these images. A dull space will transform when you apply this. So, epoxy flooring is not limited among rooms for attraction. You can use this idea to flip around dull areas. Go down to your garage and basements and revamp the floors to capture your creativity.

The Bottom Line

Once you take a peek at these ideas, let your imagination run. Do not limit yourself. Who would have thought that the grey, cold, concrete, or pavement is not only for walking? Thanks to the artist that shares their genius with the world. The flooring industry is now inspired to take steps a little further with 3D epoxy floor designs.

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