Top 5 Indoor and Outdoor Epoxy Floor Coating Designs

Whether you got indoor or outdoor concrete, finishing it with a decorative design will add a significant factor to your property. The epoxy floor coating in Chicago offers hundreds of possibilities to craft an elegant floor.

This blog will give you two of the best epoxy flooring style for indoor and three for the outdoors. Let’s jump right into it, starting with the exterior floors first.

epoxy floors coating in kitchen

Trending Outdoor epoxy floor coating

Around the 1930s, the epoxide group of chemical compounds brought usability to many industrial needs. It fast became a preferred material for covering up surfaces because of its sturdy and resistant properties. However, epoxy coatings do not repel UV light.


Nowadays, as technology advances and more has been discovered about the harmful UV rays, epoxy innovates. So, outdoor epoxy is available today.


1- Epoxy Sealed Pool Decks


The pool decks ooze with glossy and vibrant colors with epoxy sealer applied to the top layer. An acrylic-based coating is also added to make the pool deck’s shiny surface preserved under the sun’s heat. 


A pool side’s concrete surfaces must be prepared first. Epoxy is applied as a design coat or a clear coating on top. 


Pool contractors have been using epoxy based sealers for its fast cure and quick self-leveling property. This also goes well with making a trowel finish on the concrete pool deck.


2- Patios and Frontways


Isn’t it a delight to step out of your front door, and a clear path greets you? Adding a clear epoxy coating to the font ways and patios’ concrete flooring will add appeal to your property. Also, the steps coming towards your home or business space will provide safety. 


Also, find less worry song these areas where you can make ad shade or roofings to protect the floor from severe sunlight and heavy rains. 


3- Driveways 


Going farther outside, you can find epoxy useful among the driveways as well. There is no other concrete coating material that can provide excellent anti-slip quality that n epoxy. If you apply this among areas that meet the vehicle and moderate foot-traffic, these surfaces will be safe to walk and drive into. 


On top of that, the driveways will get protection from vehicle marks or dark tire treads. As you will find out later, among indoor concrete, epoxy is highly preferred among garages and basement for their heat-resistant features. 

Indoor Epoxy Floor Coatings

It is no wonder that epoxy is truly the King of floors. Known for its high-performing results that come with fantastic design options. Metallic, 3D, and flaked patterns give every residential or commercial property instant flooring make-over. 


Aside from the basement and garage areas, epoxy is also perfect for the following indoor spaces:


1- Kitchens & Commercial Restrooms 


Slippery areas indoors are usually found near the restrooms where water is always in use. Also, the kitchen area where food is prepared. These places are often found to have slip-prone areas.


That is why it is common for commercial spaces to cover these floorings with epoxy. 


2- Living Rooms & Function Rooms


If you decide to create appealing, glossy, and custom floors, epoxy is your go-to option. Your living rooms can reflect soothing and relaxing nature images that exude from the bottom of your spaces. 3D printing technology is used for epoxy flooring’s design coat. 


They can print the image of their company or nard logo in every step of their building. 


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